Steven Naber

Senior Consulting Research Statistician
  • Ph.D., Mathematical Statistics (1993), The Ohio State University
  • M.S., Applied Statistics (1984), Purdue University
  • B.A., Mathematics (1982), Calvin College

Prior to arriving in the SCS in 2010, Dr. Naber worked for nearly 20 years in the Statistics and Information Analysis department at Battelle Memorial Institute. While at Battelle, he served as the department’s expert on the design of and data analysis for research projects in the area of soil, groundwater, and river/lake/ocean sediment. Some of his work included designing pre-and post-remediation studies of river and lake sediment performed under the Great Lakes Legacy Act, designing a study to evaluate potential sources of perchlorate in soil near a bombing range, and performing space-time trend analyses of groundwater contamination data for a site with over 400 sampling locations and 25 years of data. He is also an expert in The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Data Quality Objective (DQO) Process.

In addition to his expertise in environmental statistical application, Dr. Naber has also applied statistical design and analysis methods to a variety of problems in other research areas. Examples of his work in these other areas examining comprehension and compliance with the use of new medical devices, evaluation of new credibility assessment technology, evaluation of engine exhaust for new alternative fuels, designing surveys sampling plans for drinking water treatment plants and coalbed methane operators, and analysis of costs associated with hazardous material spills.

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